26 September 2006


On our arrival in Brisbane we learnt that on that very night there would be a huge fireworks spectacle called "River Fire"! From the balconny of our hostel "Somewhere to Stay" we had the best view of down town Brisbane and so we brought some snacks along and waited to see the free show. Now, the thing about River Fire is that it does not only involve heaps of gunpowder, but at the start and the end two fighter jets fly low over the city centre while spewing an enormous tail of flames from some sort of flame-throwing booster. Not only is it spectacular to see but it also makes an absolutely ear-shattering noise! The fireworks was nice too... It was launched from severeal of the high-rises along the river. As for the rest of our stay in Brisbane we have no pictures to show (See Cairns entry).

Upon the previous night's action, we thought we would have a more soothing day and had decided to go on a cruise up the Brisbane river to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, but we missed the boat. So we spent the day looking around Brisbane from the Queen St. Mall to the pleasant South Bank Parklands.

On the third day in town we had made sure to book the river cruise in advance ensuring a pick up by the boat operator. After a 1+ of sailing we berthed at the sanctuary. The sanctuary had many coulourful birds and parrots, Wombats, Emus, Bandicoots, Dingos, Snakes, Rats, Roos, Wallabies and of course more than 300 cute, fluffy, cuddly, soft, greyish, sleepy, smelly, sharp clawed Koalas. B.t.w. Koala is an aboriginal name meaning "no drink" because Koalas never come down to drink, but get all the fluid from the not very juicy leaves. The special attraction of this sanctuary is that they allow for the Koalas to be "cuddled". This means a short opportunity to hold one of them in your arms while a guy from the sanctuary takes a nice photo of you. Of course this was an absolutely irresistable opportunity for Emma, so off went the 15 dollars and in came the undeniably irresistable Koala.
Later on Daniel got his chance to hold a lovely Olivegreen Python, absolutely free of charge! Another small cash handout secured us two bags of Kangaroo tucker. This was to be given to the animals jumping around in the large Roo enclosure. So we spent the rest of our time at the sanctuary hand feeding kangaroos and wallabies and posing for photos next to them. Another hours cruise took us back in to Brisbane centre and late that evening we took off in a plane bound for Cairns.

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