26 September 2006

Kuranda day trip

One of the must-do things in Cairns is to go on a day trip to Kuranda up in the hills behind Cairns.

On the way up to Kuranda we took the cable cars. The cable cars go for about 8 km over the rainforest canopy with 2 intermediate stops along the way. Their whole purpose is for people to get a different perspective on the rainforest by seeing it from the gondola above. On the stops one can walk around on small boardwalks and the last stop offered views of the Barron Falls. When one wants to continue the journey one just jumps into an empty gondola and off you glide.

At the end of the cable track is the (themepark) village of Kuranda. After a wholesome brekky we entered Birdland which is a collection of Australian and "exotic" birds from other countries.

The attraction is that one can feed several of the birds and several of them jump onto your hand, arm or even head. These are cery "friendly" parrots from India.

It is also here that we saw for the first and the last time a Cassowary.

This is a real bewdie, a red-tailed black cockatoo! And it's a rally big bird as you can see.

Going back down to Cairns we hopped on the scenic railway that in old days was used for mining purposes. Here our picture is taken in front of the train at the cozy railway station in Kuranda.

It is a 2 hour winding journey down the mountain along the Barron River before arriving back in Cairns. Along the way one passes several beautiful viewpoints and some waterfalls as the one on the picture.

The pictures from this day were taken on a good old film-camera so they had to be scanned before they could come on the blog. The quality is, therefore, so so!

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