04 October 2006

Canberra Floriade

On the 19th of September we returned back to Canberra in order to go for another ultrasound scan of our baby - all ok (see the baby blog)! Secondly, we needed to recollect the heap of luggage that we had stored in the office of one of Daniel's colleagues at the ANU. As it happened, we were quite lucky with our planning, as the 20th was the first day of the Canberra floriade. The floriade is Canberra's main festival and bolsters the towns image as "Australias garden capital". The festival features hundreds of flower beds with millions of flowers of all kinds, sizes and colours. The flowers were planted so that the different colours would form various patterns related to the theme Carnivale - the world on show. Unfortunately, the patterns were very hard to discern, and a possibility to view the flowers from above would have been very welcome. Amnyway, the flowers were phenomenal.

One of the flower beds, this one with Turkey as the theme. As is apparent, the weather was sunny and warm (something you forget to appreciate while you're there).

A beautiful Tulip-looking flower.

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