04 October 2006

Mossman Gorge

On our way southwards again we passed by Mossman gorge.

The first activity was a short one-hour walk with an aboriginal of the kuku-yalanji tribe. He told some stories of his relationship with the rainforest and traditions of his tribe. Somehow, when one talks with an aboriginal one really understands how dificult it can be to understand one another across cultural divides. It is as if one speaks a different language even though it is all spoken in english. On the picture our guide illustrates how traditional body paints are derived from different colours of ochre (iron rich soil) together with black charcoal.

After the walk and some tea with dampers we went further into the Gorge where it is possible to follow a path through the beautiful rainforest.

Emma sits at a small creek. A very idyllic spot.

A pool and a small stream.

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