04 October 2006


The time has come to leave the coast and go straight up into the highland plateau, which is called the Atherton Tableland. The first part of the journey is a step ascent on a winding road. After an hour of driving uphill one reaches the flat tablelands. The climate changes slightly to more dry but most places also very fertile because of the volcanic soil.

On the way to Youngaburra on the first day we experienced this wonderful sunset over lake ??.

We stopped in Mareeba to have a bite at a Chinese reastaurant. Apparently many Chinese immigrated here to work in the mines, hence there's even a Chinese temple in a small town like Mareeba. On the main street was also this loud tree! The racket was created by a flock of rainbow lorikeets, which you may also be able to see if you zoom in on this picture.

We stayed overnigh in Yungaburra which is strategically located in close vacinity to a heap of nice places on the tablelands. Here a freshwater turtle poses for the tourists in the crater lake Echam.

The famous curtain fig.

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